Antwaun Cook dumping Fantasia?

    There’s word that Fantasia’s babydaddy Antwaun Cook may be trying to win back his estranged wife. reports that Antwaun may be angling for a reunion with Paula Cook. A source close the family claims that he is working to mend their marriage and Paula seems to be receptive to the idea.

    "Paula and Antwaun both ended up at Club RE:Public in Charlotte over the weekend and things got a little cozy between the two," the insider dished. "I don’t know where Fantasia was, but she definitely wasn’t in the club where they were!"

    Supposedly, Antwaun was very open about getting affectionate with Paula in public, but she was a little hesitant about such blatant PDA. As he sees it, though, he’s entitled to get a little love from her wherever he wants.

    "Antwaun was shoving his tongue down her throat and she kept having to push him away without trying to make a scene," the source said, adding that Antwaun was definitely attempting to stake his claim on his estranged wife. "He told Paula that she belongs to him because she’s still his wife!"

    No only that, but Antwaun was reportedly very eager to flaunt the fact that Paula was on his arm. His behavior the other night has those close to him think that Fantasia won’t be around too much longer. "Antwaun has lost interest in Fantasia," the insider said. "He was even egging people on to take pictures of him and Paula together…he didn’t care who knew."

    According to the family source, Antwaun could really go home any time he wants because he’s still got full access to his house with Paula. Supposedly, this would be news to Fantasia.

    "What Fantasia doesn’t know is that through all of this, Paula hasn’t changed the locks on the house she once shared with Antwaun," the tipster revealed, hinting that Antwaun may be spending significant chunks of time there already. "And Antwaun still has keys, so you can put two and two together."

    Check out pics from Fantasia’s baby shower below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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