Moviegoer sues AMC for high prices

    Movie theaters have long been known for charging a higher than normal “convenience fee” when it comes to concessions. Detroit resident Joshua Thompson has decided to do something about it, filing a class action suit against one of the nation’s largest movie theater chains, American Multi-Cinema (AMC).

    In the suit Joshua is demanding his money back, as well as refunds for other customers that have fallen victim to unfair food and beverage prices, according to the Detroit Free Press.

    Joshua’s overarching objective is to get movie theaters to lower their prices.

The feel from legal experts is that this case will not go anywhere. Some might argue that movie theater pricing violates principles of anti-trust laws. This is not true because you are not required to purchase concessions when you go to the theaters.

    Movie theaters charge so much for their concessions because they make so little on the movies themselves (approximately $2 per ticket). So while many would agree with Joshua’s grievance, it is part of a much larger system that probably will not change any time soon, unless the movie studios decide they want to make less money.

    Regardless of what happens with the case, hopefully people will now have a better understanding of where their money goes when they pay those inflated prices for the total “movie going experience.”

    —Jacob Rohn

    How do you feel about the cost of refreshments at movie theaters? Are they too high? Do you pay? Do you bring in your own food?


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