Diddy and Magic Johnson launch networks

    Sean “Diddy” Combs and Magic Johnson were in Washington, D.C., last night to announce their new television networks hosted on Comcast.

    Magic Johnson said that he and Diddy have been in close contact while developing their networks. “We both have been like little kids after we got this opportunity,” said Magic.

    Diddy’s network, Revolt, is a music channel that goes live in 2013. “I will make Revolt the #1 name in music television,” Diddy promised. “No disrespect to MTV. Shout-out to them because they help break me—and BET, but they don’t play music as much as I want to play music. So that’s not a slight to them in any way."

    Diddy added, “If you don’t understand what we’re going to be, we’re going to be like the CNN or ESPN of music.”

    The hip-hop mogul showed great humility at the Newseum as he told the crowd dotted with broadcasting executives and TV personalities, that he was humbled to be back in D.C., where he attended Howard University, to announce his new network.

    Diddy made sure to thank the civil rights leaders, especially Representatives John Lewis and Maxine Waters, who were standing in front of the stage as he spoke. He also mentioned trailblazers Bob Johnson and Oprah Winfrey.

    Diddy also thought to thank the members of Comcast’s diversity committee for taking him seriously and “not just believing what you hear in the press.” 

    Although Magic Johnson is used to being taken seriously, he expressed his excitement for his new network, Aspire, which joins the Comcast basic channel package in June. Aspire is being promoted as a family-friendly network that will show African-American movies, music and comedy for all generations.

    “You’re going to cry, laugh; I’m going to make you think. I’m going to let you know what’s happening in our community each and every day. It’s going to be outstanding programming and hopefully when you pick up that remote you’re going to think of Aspire first.”

    BabyFirst America, a channel for young children and their parents, with a focus on the booming American Latino population, was also announced last night. It will launch in April. And a fourth network, El Rey, an English-language network with a Latino focus, is under development.

    These four networks are the first of 10 new independent Black or Hispanic-owned networks that Comcast plans to launch over an eight-year span.  


    —Sabrina M. Parker


    What do you think of Revolt and Aspire? Will you tune in? Leave your comments below.


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