LaLa Anthony secure in her marriage

    While “Basketball Wives” is proof that some NBA wives have cause to worry about their spouses’ faithfulness, LaLa Anthony said she’s too secure to sweat it.

    “There are a lot of athletes who do live a certain life with women everywhere. So you can’t act like it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard, but I’m secure in my relationship,” she told Latina magazine.

    Despite rumors that her hubby, Carmelo Anthony, has a love child out there somewhere, LaLa said she still gives him lots of freedom.

    “We’ve been together for eight years and I think we’ve lasted this long because we’ve given each other space… but there’s also that time where it can be too much,” she admitted.

    While he’s busy balling, LaLa stars in her own reality series, produces a makeup line, acts and raises a kid; but instead of being overwhelmed, she’s hungry.

    “I’m never satisfied—career-wise… I’m always looking for the next thing. Why can’t I be a great mom, wife, TV host, actress, producer, have my own reality show and makeup line? The hard part is balancing it all,” she said.


    See photos of LaLa and her famous friends below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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