Tionna Says: Chicks before d*cks

    Miss Tionna,

    I have a question. It all started when my best friend introduced me to a dude she was messing with in the past. Just sex no relationship. So we all hung out and partied and I could tell that he was feelin me.

    He asked for my number and we talked and hung out alone. I told my friend all about it though. She feels like he is tryna play her, because she turned him down when he was tryna get more serious. Then later in the week he was tryna get with me.

    I messed around with him and my friend says she doesn’t have a problem with it but when we are all with each other she has an attitude towards him. I don’t know what to do because this guy really isn’t out to get her. He really just likes my company and I like his too. He just moved on after he realized they wouldn’t be going anywhere together.

    Nothin is gonna come outta this so shouldn’t she just let me enjoy him for a minute? She had her chance years ago and its over. What do you think??

    —Feeling My BFF’s Almost Man


    Dear Feeling,

    Oooh hunny, now this is messy. You know what i am going to write before I write it. Geesh! I’m not here to judge, but homegirl you were wrong for getting it on and popping with any dude your bestie had sexual relations with.

    I don’t care if she introduced you to him or not. Hell, I wouldn’t do it even if they talked way back in fifth grade because those situations always get messy. The chick who introduced him to you always catch feelings because it’s in a woman’s nature.

    Your friend is suffering from what we call I-don’t-want-him-but-I-don’t-want-to-see-you-with-himitis. It’s cool, just leave her ex-boo alone. I’ts really not worth losing a friendship over. Remember: It’s chicks before dicks. Seriously, though, it sounds like u had enough fun, so don’t be greedy! Leave him alone if you want to keep the friendship.

    But if you don’t care about her feelings because she done screwed every cutie in the neighborhood, then that’s another story. I, however, wouldn’t give a dude the benefit of seeing me lose my friendship over him.

    Remember dudes are temporary and real friendship is supposed to last a lifetime. So, I hope you enjoyed the time you had, but its time to give up that warm pole.

    Love you for free,



    Tionna Smalls is an TV Personality ("What Chilli Wants") from Brooklyn, New York, and she is the author of Girl, Get Your Mind Right! Buy Tionna’s new book Men Love Abuse on Nook or Kindle, or at Amazon.com. She is also an owner of Loveys accessories boutique in New York.


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