Evelyn Lozada: Chad is a ‘bridezilla’

    When it comes to their wedding, Evelyn Lozada said fiancé Chad Ochocinco is a bigger bridezilla than she is.

    “He wants to walk down the aisle,” Evelyn told VH1’s “Morning Buzz.” 

“He’s like, ‘let’s do it different. You can wait for me, and I’ll walk down,’” explained Evelyn, who refuses to let Chad rob her of something most brides dream of doing. “He’s not stealing my moment," she said, joking that Ocho is “crazy.”

    Although she still hasn’t publicly announced her wedding date, Evelyn doesn’t seem to harbor any doubts about marrying Chad; although, she admits they didn’t get along at first. In the beginning, the two were Twitter enemies.

    “Hate turned to love,” she said while giving VH1 credit for virtually introducing the two.

    Ev’s not too surprised that her husband-to-be has some unique ideas when it comes to the ceremony. According to Evelyn, his wardrobe is an example of how eclectic he is.

    “Ocho has a very different style,” she said describing his paisley outfits and studded shoes. “We have a battle when we’re getting dressed to go out,” she said

    While Evelyn gets along with Chad for his unique qualities, she said co-star Kenya Bell’s one-of-a-kind personality is a bit off.

    “She has this kind of pageant girl, creepy kind of like serial killer type of thing going on. She’s a little eerie. We’re not really feeling her,” said Evelyn, who believes fans of the show will soon understand why she feels that way, if they don’t already. “As the season comes along, you’ll get it. Wait ’til Shaunie [O’Neal’s] birthday dinner airs. That’s definitely an interesting episode."

    It’s been reported that there was an altercation between Evelyn and “Basketball Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams in that same episode, but Evelyn didn’t want to discuss her former BFF.

    “I’m tired of talking about it. Let’s move on to something else,” she said.

    For Evelyn, that something else she’s moving onto may be a fat check from VH1. The network is reportedly dishing out $300,000 to Chad and Evelyn individually for their own spin-off series, according to TMZ. Their new reality series, which will take about two months to tape, will focus on the two as they prepare to exchange vows.

    Evelyn talks about her friendship with Tami, her new line of earrings and her book, Inner Circle. Watch.


    See photos of Evelyn in wedding gowns below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think Evelyn is too hard on newcomer Kenya Bell, or is Kenya as eerie as she seems? Leave your comments below.


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