Chris Brown’s girlfriend threatened

    Chris Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, is scared for her safety after receiving threats from Rihanna’s legion of adoring fans.

    The young model is so shook that she refuses to leave her house without the company of Chris’ security detail, TMZ reports.

    While former lovers Rihanna and Chris have been spending a lot more time together lately, even working side by side on new music, the pop singer has denied that he and Rihanna are rekindling their romance.

    “He and Rihanna are just friends. He’s not cheating," a rep told Us Weekly.

    However, that hasn’t kept Rihanna’s fans from lashing out at Karrueche, who allegedly engaged in a tiny Twitter beef with Rihanna.

    While it’s not exactly clear to whom the posts were directed, Twitter followers assumed that the two were referring to one another.

    Karrueche tweeted, “I’m Angeline, you’re Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at.”

    Rihanna then posted a photo of a bag of rice cakes ‘wearing’ shades and earrings. She wrote, “Ima make u my bitch.”

    Since then, Karrueche has been receiving angry messages from Twitter toughs who are Team RiRi.

    One Rihanna fan wrote, “I hope Rihanna beat the dog $#it outa yo ass!”

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Are Rihanna’s fans out of control, or is Karrueche overreacting? Should Chris try to do more to protect his girlfriend? Leave your comments below.


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