Estelle heading to ‘X-Factor’?

    Singer Estelle Swaray, better known by her first name only, might be replacing Kelly Rowland as a regular on the UK version of Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor.”

    “Please, Lord. I hope so,” Estelle responded in reference to joining the music competition show. “They’re talking. They’re doing their thing,” she said about her team’s efforts to seal the deal.

    Will the somewhat soft-spoken artist give viewers the same type of no-holds-barred honesty they’ve come to expect from these types of shows?

    “I speak my mind. I have an opinion,” she recently told Wendy Williams.

    There’s no confirmation yet on whether Estelle will be joining the show, but in the meantime, the singer is busy promoting her new album, All of Me.

    “I wanted to give the album a complete vulnerable taste of Estelle—the Estelle that my family knows,” she told Billboard. “I didn’t want it to be [about] heartbreak.”

    Since her 2008 sophomore release, Shine, Estelle said she’s grown quite a bit and that can all be heard in her new music.

    “I took three years just to live and grow and become a better human,” she said. “In order for me to write, I have to experience life. I write the songs based on real life and I perform them from a very real place.”



    Get more from Estelle in the April 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    Watch Estelle perform below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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