Bobby Brown won’t tell all about himself?

    If the rumors are true, Bobby Brown may be ready to tell all about Whitney Houston, but he’s keeping his secrets quiet.

    A source close to Whitney’s camp told E! News that Bobby will likely not give readers the full story if he pens a rumored tell-all about his superstar ex-wife.

    "He’s not going to address anything that will cast him in a negative light," the insider said of the book. "And that’s why people, I don’t think, will buy the book. They’re going to see that it will most likely be completely self-serving."
    This could lead some to speculate his motivations for writing such a book after Whitney’s death, if the gossip is to be believed. "What great revelations is he going to have in this book?" the source questioned.
    While Whitney is no longer living, it may still be tough for Bobby to get a book about on the shelves.

    "Don’t forget he signed the confidentiality agreement [when he and Whitney divorced]," our insider explains. "He may have to get somebody else to write it. A ghostwriter. What am I saying? He’s not going to be writing it anyway, of course he’ll get somebody else to do it."

    Bobby has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors thus far, and he has not offered any comment about reports from insiders.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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