Brandy and Monica tricked into drama

    Brandy and Monica said they are too old to be beefing for no good reason.

    The "It All Belongs to Me" singers dropped by Power 105.1 to chop it up with the crew on "The Breakfast Club."  Where Brandy might be a little more reserved, the hosts pointed out that Monica "will f*ck you up in a minute."

    "Monica got a little hood in her, but I love it," Brandy admitted. "She switches it up. She’s versatile"

    Monica didn’t exactly deny the hood label, but she just prefers a different wording for the personality trait. "I like to call it ‘real’. People don’t respect the real anymore. Everybody is so busy with their facades that you can’t get through to who people are," the singer said. "I’ll be anything but fake."

    As listeners know, radio host Charlamagne often asks the questions that good taste dictates are better left alone. Therefore, he couldn’t resist asking about Brandy and Monica’s alleged beef from their "The Boy Is Mine" days.

    "They kind of create it first, and we were young enough to just fall into the traps," Monica said, owning up to the media-manufactured beef. She pointed out that they were at odds because of hearsay and that there was never anything solid to base their dislike on. "We couldn’t tell you a specific reason that any of that happened," Monica said.

    "We didn’t know each other," she explained. "At 16 and 17, that was one thing but at these ages, it’s unacceptable. It’s too much to be done, and we can do more together than we can separately."

    Many people wonder what could have brought them together after reports that the then-teen divas couldn’t stand each other. For Brandy, that was the precise reason she wanted to hook up with Monica again.

    "I felt like the drama is what made me want to even do the song with her. It was basically built off of the drama that everybody else created," Brandy admitted.

    In the end, Brandy and Monica were able to come together after a frank conversation about all the drama, and they have become very close outside of the studio.

    "We’re still trying to make sure we support each other and show that this is more than just a record," said Monica. "We will do the tour and whatever else comes after that."

    The two get along so well, in fact, that they leaned on each other for support following Whitney Houston’s death. "I didn’t celebrate at all. It was just a really, really weird day," said Brandy, who actually had a birthday on the day Whitney passed away. "I was actually happy that Monica was right there. We shared that moment together."

    Monica also had a moment with Charlamagne where she hinted that she had something in her purse for him. For those that don’t know she was hinting that she came to Power 105.1 packing a piece!

    The ladies also commented on their differing approaches to Twitter, which allows fans an unprecedented amount of access and interaction to celebrities.

    "Some things just don’t need a response. The truth don’t need support," said Monica, who has taken at least one break from the social media outlet. "I really don’t care what’s being said. I talk about what’s real to me."

    Brandy has had a slightly harder time with Twitter, as people will occasionally tweet things like "murderer" and pictures of car accidents to her.

    "I can’t sit here and say that I’m not affected by things like that because I am," Brandy said, adding that the occasional mean comments have not broken her. "I don’t break down. Don’t take my humbleness for weakness at all, but I am sensitive."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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