‘Braxton Family Values’ renewed for season 3

    Oftentimes when a character leaves a series for a spin-off, that spells doom for the original series, but the Braxton sisters will be back for a third season of “Braxton Family Values,” even though Tamar is starring in her own series.

    “When season 3 comes, I’m telling you, I just feel that it’s all going to be unveiled,” Towanda told Hip Hop Hollywood.

    Towanda is anticipating the same type of viewer feedback, criticism and approval the sisters received during seasons 1 and 2.

    “Everybody’s going to have their opinions,” said Towanda, who feels like the next season of the reality TV hit will answer a lot of viewers’ questions about how and why the sisters’ relationships are so complex.

    Season 2 is currently airing on WE tv and finds Trina’s and Towanda’s marriages strained, Traci contemplating a new business venture, Toni still dealing with health issues and Tamar working on a new album.

    Few fans would argue that another season of the show, in which these lingering issues were resolved, would be welcomed.

    It’s not quite clear yet how involved youngest sister Tamar will be in the upcoming season, since she and hubby Vince Herbert have signed on to star in their own reality series.

    When asked about Tamar’s involvement in season 3, a source close to the family responded, "Hmmmmmm."

    Watch below as the Braxtons and Wendy Williams prepare for the reunion show.


    See photos from the season 2 reunion below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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