Daily Buzz 3.15.12

    Kanye West obsessed with Kim Kardashian?

    Kanye West is pressed to get in good with Kim Kardashian! Us Weekly reports that the real reason Kim was front and center for Kanye’s show at Paris Fashion Week was because she got a very personal (and persistent) invite.

    "She flew in just to see him," a source revealed. "Kanye begged her to come."

    And Kanye doesn’t just have a huge crush on Kim, insiders claim that he dreams of making her his wife…despite her recent infamously failed marriage to Kris Humphries.

    "Kanye is obsessed with Kim and would marry her," the tipster said. "To have Kanye charming her feels good. Guys are afraid to get near her with all the drama, and here’s a guy who’s actively pursuing her."


    Cissy Houston disses Bobbi Kristina’s new love

    It seems that Whitney Houston’s mom, Cissy, is not happy about Bobbi Kristina’s budding relationship with her adoptive brother.

    It’s known that Cissy has never really approved of Nick and Bobbi’s love, but now that a video of the young pair getting extra affectionate in public has leaked Cissy isn’t being as quiet.

    A source told TMZ that Cissy said "what they’re doing [is] incestuous." Bobbi and Nick are not related by blood but they were practically raised together after Whitney took him in years ago.

    Roland Martin off suspension

    Roland Martin is ready to get back in front of the camera for "Washington Watch."

    Fishbowl DC reports that CNN has lifted Roland’s suspension. The pundit was pulled from TV after tweeting comments during the Super Bowl that some felt were homophobic.

    CNN employees were notified of Roland’s return Monday.


    Samuel L. Jackson gets sinister

    Samuel L. Jackson is taking a break from playing the hero to take on a role that’s a little darker.

    In Meeting Evil, Samuel takes a man who has run into a string of bad luck down a sinister path. The trailer states that "when a man loses everything, he is vulnerable to temptation."

    See what kind of trouble Samuel gets his victim into in the trailer below. 


    Viola Davis to star in Barbara Jordan biopic

    After her fantastic performance in The Help, Oscar nominee Viola Davis is setting her sights on another historic role.

    ClutchMagOnline.com reports that Viola is set to produce and star in the biopic of congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

    The film, based on the novel Barbara Jordan: American Hero, is one of the projects that Viola and her hubby will release from their company, JuVee Productions. There have been rumblings of such a film for years, but with Viola’s recent  rise in Hollywood stock, the project could be much closer to getting off the ground.


    ‘Community’ returns tonight!

    The time has come for America’s favorite study group to bring the ruckus back to Greendale Community College!

    "Community," starring Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover, is set to return to NBC tonight at 8 p.m. What can fans expect to see? A  drunk wedding, a riot, and an epic pillow fight!

    Check out the trailer below to see more of the madness we have so desperately missed!



    Melanie Fiona splits from Adam Rodriguez

    Melanie Fiona is back on the market after splitting from "CSI: Miami" hunk Adam Rodriguez.

    Glossing over the fact that we weren’t aware that Melanie and Adam were an item, the New York Post reports that the split was amicable.

    “They kept their relationship under wraps. They’d avoided attending events together or even being photographed when possible," Adam’s rep told the Post.  "Adam still cares about her."

    It’s not clear how long Adam and Melanie were officially together, but Adam’s camp said that Melanie’s songs about love gone wrong (i.e. "4 AM" and "Wrong Side of Love") are not about him.

    “Adam knows about all of those songs, but they were written months ago—they were very happy together," the rep said.


    New York Knicks lose coach

    Mike D’Antoni has hung up his whistle. He announced yesterday that he has resigned as coach of the New York Knicks.

    This follows reports that Mike and star player Carmelo Anthony were not meshing on the team.

    It’s not clear who will replace Mike at this time.

    —Sonya Eskridge


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