Tami Roman calls out Kesha Nichols

    Tami Roman took to her blog to clear up a few things about her latest feud with “Basketball Wives” co-star Kesha Nichols.

    “Do me a favor, don’t be such a liar and manipulator,” Tami wrote in her blog. “I know you have friends in high ‘Executive Producer’ places, but let’s keep this all the way real,” said Tami, who clarified that many of her interactions with Kesha were edited out of the show.

    “To be clear, upon meeting you, I asked you respectfully to discuss anything you had to say about me…WITH ME. I wasn’t confrontational nor was I argumentative. Of course, that part was edited out of the show,” she wrote. “When you spoke to Evelyn about me; it wasn’t what you said, but the fact that you said it.”

    Kesha, who felt offended by Tami when the two initially met, asked Evelyn Lozada for advice on how to handle Tami. That backfired for Kesha when Evelyn disclosed part of that conversation to Tami before Kesha had a chance to speak with Tami directly.

    Kesha, who is biracial, was insulted when Tami asked her about her ethnicity and then commented that Kesha sounded White.

    “Everyone in this situation knows I was told you were Caucasian, so when I met you that is why I asked you,” explained Tami, who denied that she ever questioned Kesha’s “Blackness.”

    “I am a product of mixed heritage and identify myself as a Black woman also. I NEVER said you weren’t ‘Black’ enough… that is a flat out lie!” she wrote.

    Kesha isn’t the only one Tami took issue with in her blog. She also directed a few comments to Royce Reed, who is now Kesha’s close friend.

    “I thought that we were real friends, but I personally feel that your position on this is stepping over bounds. You can be friends with both of us without voicing your opinion on the matter because truthfully you weren’t there to witness ANY of it firsthand. You are watching the edited version and basing your so-called “non bias” opinion on that. Or you are taking [Kesha’s] version of what happened and coming at me sideways,” she wrote.

    It seems Royce’s friendship with Kesha may be developing at the cost of her relationship with Tami.

    “We view ‘real’ friendship differently and thus we may not be real friends….” Tami said.

    Read more here and get Tami’s advice column in the April 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Was Tami rude to ask Kesha about her ethnicity, or is that a perfectly legitimate question? Leave your comments below.


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