Is Bobbi Kristina engaged?

    Bobbi Kristina has been spotted rocking a huge rock on the ring finger of her left hand causing many to question whether she and close family friend Nick Gordon are engaged.

    Although Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy Houston reportedly disapproves of the so-called “incestuous” relationship, Bobbi is said to not care one bit what anyone else thinks of their blossoming romance.

    It’s true that Bobbi and Nick were raised almost as siblings with Whitney Houston being a mother figure for both; however, they are not blood related.

    So far Bobbi hasn’t commented on the stories about her romance with Nick, but she hasn’t denied them either. In fact, Bobbi, who’s been relatively silent on Twitter since her mom’s death, has recently been active on the social media site retweeting messages of support from her followers.

    Interestingly enough, Nick’s Twitter page seems to have been deleted since reports of his romance with Bobbi first emerged.

    It’s still unclear whether the jewelry was a gift from Nick, an actual engagement ring or even Whitney’s ring that Bobbi wears in memory of her mom.


    See some encouraging Tweets reposted by Bobbi.

    Oprah comments on her interview with Bobbi Kristina. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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