‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 3.16.12

    The Braxtons had to drop some bombs, and withstand a few, on the latest episode of "Braxton Family Values."

    Toni thinks it’s high time to separate family from business, so she told brother-in-law and manager Vince [Herbert] that she wanted to end their professional relationship. While Vince is said to have been very understanding of her decision, Tamar did seem a little hurt.

    While Tamar is usually not one to hold her tongue, she stayed out of the way on this one! Between her sister and her husband, it’s not easy for her to take sides, so she chose not to. That’s one of the smartest things she’s done all season. Well…aside from taking the lead in every Braxton sisters’ performance (we see you, Tamar!). Say what you will about her, but that girl knows how to push her brand. It got her a spin-off, didn’t it?

    Anyway, we had to give Toni the side eye because it seems that the same policy of not mixing family and business did not extend to her professional relationship with "wasband" (was husband) Keri Lewis. He still travels with Toni from time to time and helps her prepare for shows. From the sound of it, he may also still be giving her some assistance in the studio as well now that she’s aiming to  release music independently.

    Well, at least Toni’s no longer looking to Towanda to be her personal assistant. Her new management company has supplied her with a spanking new helper, whom she expects to read her mind. If there was ever any question whether Toni is a diva, she should have put those doubts to rest when she literally told her new assistant that she needs him to be psychic! This is, of course, when he’s not processing Toni’s moments of over sharing.

    We can understand if she expected him to know her routine and be able to anticipate her needs after a few weeks together. That’s reasonable. But if he can’t ask Toni what she needs and when at the beginning of his tenure with her, how is that poor kid ever going to learn how to do his job for her?

    Good luck, kiddo!

    Meanwhile, things went from bad to worse with Trina and Gabe…even after he tried to make amends!

    Despite her own infidelities, Trina was extremely embarrassed that Gabe cheated on her again. This time it didn’t just involve them and the other woman, though, because Gabe took aim at members of Trina’s family!  Supposedly he’d said some rather unkind things about certain in-laws.

    Trina was truly over Gabe and his shenanigans, and she wanted him to stay as far away from her family dinner as possible. But, since it’s Gabe, he showed up anyway and proceeded to awkwardly rattle off an apology, which he read from 3×5 cards!

    We were blown away in the worst possible way. Doesn’t he know a Power Point presentation is much more impressive?! (Just kidding) It’s a little hard to take an apology seriously when the transgressor is pretty much laughing the whole time. And the fact that it seemed to be sort of a blanket apology was not cool either.

    Trina was so ashamed it drove her to drink more than she already does! It would have been best if Gabe sat down with each person he’d wronged individually to say he was sorry. At least that way, the apologies would have seemed a little more sincere. The way he did it, seemed a bit like spectacle, and Trina was drained by the end of it.

    The family had gathered for a nice meal on what would have been Evelyn’s wedding day. But instead of watching two people come together in holy matrimony, the family witnessed the continued decline of another union.

    But Trina and Gabe are at least trying to work on their marriage, and it seems like Gabe doesn’t feel that divorce is an option. His actions of late aren’t helping him get closer to Trina.

    Speaking on marriage, Evelyn broke things off with Doc before jumping the broom! The hits just kept coming for Doc. First, Miss E called off the wedding because she wasn’t sure it was the right decision for her. She didn’t want to break things off with doc completely—at least not at first! Later on in the episode, she said that she thinks it would be good if they saw other people.

    Doc doesn’t seem to keen on the idea and it appear he’s still hoping to maintain their relationship. Evelyn, on the other hand, would rather just be friends. We can respect Evelyn’s honesty, though. It’s better she stop the wedding now than file for divorce 72 days after saying, "I do."

    We feel really bad for Doc because it seems like he really loves Evelyn, but it’s got to be hard to have your heart broken on TV.

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    —Sonya Eskridge



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