Kim Zolciak calls Sweetie Hughes ‘lazy’

    There have been plenty of rumors swirling about why “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak fired her longtime assistant, Sweetie Hughes, but Kim recently clarified that she got rid of Sweetie to save their friendship.

    “We are so close that it sometimes made a business relationship impossible,” Kim wrote in a recent blog.

    Although Sweetie was Kim’s assistant, the two obviously also had a genuine friendship. On the series, they worked out together, joked with one another and spoke to each other so candidly and comfortably that many thought it was inappropriate.

    Their familiar exchanges even enraged NeNe Leakes, who defended Sweetie and accused Kim of treating her assistant like a slave.

    Kim explained that she spoke freely with Sweetie because the two are more like family than employee and employer.

    “I have known Sweetie for 12 years now, and she is a part of my family. When I was looking for a new assistant, she was the perfect match! She’s loyal, she’s trusting, she’s smart and she knows me better than most people,” Kim wrote. “She’s been there with me through three moves, a divorce, many relationships and so much more.”

    Kim also admitted that Sweetie didn’t seem herself in the period preceding her dismissal. On recent episodes or “RHOA,” Kim is seen constantly complaining about Sweetie’s performance on the job.

    “Sweetie began to become a bit lazy, she didn’t seem like herself anymore, and it worried me,” wrote Kim.

    Last season, after NeNe defended her, Sweetie received a lot of seemingly unwanted publicity, which led to an argument between the former “RHOA” BFFs. In addition to being called a slave, radio host Rickey Smiley launched a “Free Sweetie” campaign.

    It’s not clear whether the public attention had anything to do with the alleged change in Sweetie, who was accused of cursing at Kim’s daughter.

    There have also been rumors that Sweetie was fired—and wanted to leave the job—because of tension between her and Kim’s new hubby, Kroy Biermann. Kim admitted on the series that Kroy wasn’t pleased with Sweetie’s work in the house.

    Kim said the two have a better relationship now that Sweetie is no longer her employee.

    “Now, she’s just my girlfriend. No obligations, no stress. I’d much rather let Sweetie go and keep her as a friend, than keep her and jeopardize one of the most important relationships I have!” she said.


    Watch a preview of Kim and Kroy’s new series below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you believe that Kim fired Sweetie to save the friendship? Do you think Kroy had anything to do with her firing? Leave your comments below.



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