Ray J seeks counseling to deal with death

    Brandy wants her little brother Ray J to seek counseling to deal with his feelings over the death of iconic singer Whitney Houston.

    “Ray J is obviously absolutely devastated by the loss of Whitney, who he says was the love of his life,” an anonymous source told RadarOnline.com. “Ray still can’t believe that Whitney is gone. He has saved voicemail messages on his cell phone from her that he has been listening to,” said the source, who claims Brandy is the one who suggested Ray talk to someone.

    “Brandy has urged him to go to counseling to deal with the loss, and he had finally agreed,” said the source.

    It was previously reported that Ray J, who was spotted partying with Whitney Houston during the weekend of her untimely death, had been hearing from God and even considering joining the ministry since Whitney’s untimely death. However, there’s no confirming those rumors at this time.

    “Ray is just numb and he needs to be able to start to deal with these feelings. Brandy and her brother are extremely close, and she has been a rock for him in the weeks since Whitney died,” said the source, who shared that Ray isn’t the only Norwood struggling with Whitney’s tragic demise.

    “Brandy is also dealing with a huge loss, as she worked with Whitney professionally, and loved her like an older sister. Brandy recognizes that she can only help her brother so much,” said the source.

    Ray J was one of the invited guests who attended Whitney Houston’s televised funeral service. The singer was seen choking back tears and reaching out to Whitney’s coffin as it was being carried out of the church.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Does Ray’s struggle to deal with Whitney’s death suggest that the two were more than friends?


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