Royce Reed accuses custody judge of bias

    Royce Reed fears that a bias held by the judge presiding over her custody battle with Dwight Howard might cost her her son.

    Royce wants to remain the primary guardian of her son, and is hoping to have Judge Tim Shea removed from the case, according to TMZ.

    “I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my son,” expressed Royce in the court documents.

    According to the “Basketball Wives” star, Tim isn’t fond of women who have out-of-wedlock babies with basketball players, and he’s allowing that prejudice to affect his court decisions.

    While Dwight was able to express his belief that Royce interferes with his scheduled visits with their son, Royce was reportedly shut down in court and unable to explain her side of the story.

    That’s not Royce’s only complaint. She also questioned whether a conflict of interest may be coloring the judge’s decisions, since his website lists one of Dwight’s attorneys as an endorser.

    It’s unclear exactly what “endorsing” refers to in this instance, but it usually describes someone who gives monetary support.

    Speaking of support, Royce seems to be receiving her fair share from fans.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think Royce is wise to seek a new judge or is she just adding fuel to the fire? Leave your comments below.


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