Sherri Shepherd denies ‘DWTS’ cheating

    "Dancing With the Stars" contestant, Sherri Shepherd, is denying accusations that she cheated and started practicing for the dance competition show before she was allowed.

    Sherri Shepherd was secretly rehearsing dance moves prior to her joining the show, according to Radar Online. Such an act is considered cheating since the "DWTS" contract specifically prohibits participants from starting practice before they are on the show.

    Sherri was quick to jump to her defense and addressed the topic on her show "The View."

    Sources said that Sherri was seen in workout clothes and dance shoes back in December with dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. "Dancing With the Stars" participants were not invited to participate this season until February and should not have been practicing prior to that date.

    Sherri denied the allegations and pointed out huge flaw with the story. 

"It was incorrectly reported that Maks Chmerkovskiy is my dance partner. He’s not. His brother Val is my partner. We have never, I say never, danced together," she said on "The View."

    Sherri also addressed whether or not she had been taking dancing classes prior to joining the show. She told "The View" audience that she “loved to dance” and even took classes at the Y as a child while poking fun at her obsession with dancing. 

"I took a handful of classes at Maks’ studio, which I’m glad I did, because it showed me if I was up for this challenge of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ … But this started long before I started any negotiations with ‘Dancing With the Stars.’"

    Watch Sherri deny the accusations below.

    —Kia Jefferson


    Sherri does admit to taking some classes but she has always loved dance. Is she wrong? Leave your comments below.


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