Solange just ‘started having good sex’

    Although she was married to her high school sweetheart and has a child, Solange Knowles admits that she’s just now getting some good lovin’.

    “I think I just finally started having good sex,” said Solange, who is currently dating video director Alan Ferguson.

    She said fans will be able to tell that when her new album is released. “There’s a lot of sexual vibes on it,” she told the London Evening Standard.

    Her marriage to Daniel Smith, the father of her son Julez, ended in 2007, but Solange, 25, said she’s content.

    “I’m in a really good place, and I think things are evolving because of that. Professionally, personally, I think that over the last three years I’ve just had a lot more stability, a lot more clarity about where I want to be and how I want to get there.”

    Despite the mediocre reception to her last albums, Solange doesn’t plan to change her artistry to attract the masses to her music. If that means she’s not signed to a major label, so be it.

    “I don’t think there’s a need if you are able to fund it yourself and have a strong sense of development as an artist. It means you aren’t dependent on some A&R dude to position you with writers or producers or figure out your next direction," explained Solange, who likes the music but isn’t necessarily after the fame.

    “I don’t enjoy all of the things that come with that,” she said. “Like not being able to ride my bike here today and not being able to walk and pick up my son from school.”

    While some artists may put their personal lives on the backburner while they establish themselves in the industry, Solange left the music business for a while to be a wife and mother.

    “I just loved being at home and being domestic,’ she said before explaining why she settled down at 17.

    “We would have gotten married for sure anyway, but then I found out I was pregnant. We were crazy, impulsive teenagers and I was obviously craving some sort of stability,” said Solange, whose parents were reasonably concerned.

    “I’d been working since I was 13. I was making my own money. I wasn’t really asking permission, and once they found out I was serious about it, they were supportive and amazing,” she said.

    Now, Solange has a new niece, Blue Ivy, and although she experienced motherhood before big sister Beyoncé, Solange isn’t offering unsolicited advice. 

    “I think people felt entitled to give advice, so I’m always very sensitive to moms and letting them feel their way out. But there have been times when she’ll ask, ‘Did Julez do this? Did this ever happen with Julez?’ And I’ll gladly give her advice,” she explained.

    See photos of Beyoncé and Solange and other sister acts below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Are you looking forward to Solange’s next album? Should she remain an independent artist or sign up with a label? Leave your comments below.



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