‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 3.20.12

    Evelyn Lozada took a couple swipes at Jennifer Williams on the latest episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Shaunie O’Neal had a rather unpleasant surprise for Evelyn when she announced that Jen would be invited to her birthday party.  If it wasn’t such a big day for her friend (and boss), Evelyn might have skipped the party.  But because Shaunie means so much to her, the bride-to-be decided that she could suck it up and  break bread with Jen for one night.

    Tami Roman said she’d also be front and center for the celebration. She wouldn’t have missed it for the world! In fact, she admitted that she’d be very interested to see if any confrontations popped off during the bash.

    Meanwhile Royce Reed and Suzie Ketcham got a little chance to learn more about Kesha Nichols when they visited her hometown of Drexel, North Carolina.

    While Kesha might have a distinct preference for a posh lifestyle, she is a country girl at heart. She’s spent lots of time on her family farm on Nichols Hill and she knows how to scoot around on ATV. We have to admit it did look like fun!

    Royce was a little thrown by Kesha’s family. Royce was aware that Kesha is bi-racial and that half of her family is White, but she wasn’t expecting them to be as White as they are.

    She quickly got over her shock and enjoyed her visit to the farm as she sat down for some good grub at the family table. 

    After that trip to Kesha’s hometown Royce wanted to make a little peace between Kesha and Tami. Tami can be a bit touchy at times, but she’s usually pretty good about giving people more than one chance to be cool with her. After all, she was about to sue Evelyn last season, now they seem to be the very best of friends.

    Royce is just curious as to why that same courtesy has not been extended to Kesha. And the tiny dancer was not afraid to call Tami out on that point.

    Despite Royce’s advocacy, it still doesn’t look like Kesha and Tami will be heading out for drinks any times oon.


    Elsewhere, Evelyn was hammering out the details of her book deal with Cash Money. She was nervous to meet with Baby, revealing that she knows her fame will only last so long and she’s trying to capitialize on her brand while it’s still hot.

    "I need to make these 15 minutes last longer than 15 minutes," she explained.


    Shaunie’s party was already going to be an evening full of awkward since both Evelyn and Jen were going to be on hand. Then they added lots of alcohol the the mix, and you know that doesn’t lead anywhere good.

    Kenya Bell got up to make a little speech, which many felt was a little out of place. Ultimately her comments were pretty harmless while still pretty much being focused on herself. We get where she was coming from, as she was just thanking Shaunie for the chance to really step out of her estranged husband’s shadow.

    But if what happened at Royce’s charity event taught us anything, it’s that Suzie is the one you need to watch. After she’s had a few drinks, she gets a little loud and sometimes says things that could get her in trouble.

    Case in point: During a toast, Suzie offhandedly brought up Tami’s past dependence on food stamps. It was while pointing out how thankful the cast (and subsequently their bank accounts) are for the show, but it still rubbed Tami the wrong way.

    Gee! After her season 2 battle with Jen about the same subject we don’t know why Suzie couldn’t have thought mentioning food stamps was cool.


    These woman need to stick to what they know, which does not include raising a toast! We have never heard such thinly veiled insults being thrown around during a moment of celebration.

    Evely may have genuinely meant her words just for Shaunie. She’s been through a lot over the last year as long-standing friendships have broken down for various reasons. In that context, we can see how Evelyn might be truly grateful to Shaunie for sticking by her in such uncertain times. And she’s definitely thankful to Shaunie for turning her into a household name, which has brought her some very lucrative business opportunities.

    On the other hand, it was hard not to feel like Evelyn may have been taking a couple of shots at Jen with that toast.

    Jen could have taken the high road and not made a rebuttal toast, but this is "Basketball Wives." Likewise, Evelyn could have saved her second toast, but again, this is "Basketball Wives."

    After the season premiere, it’s no surprise that Jen piped up, but  Evelyn took it to a whole different level when she popped her ex-BFF in the back of the head with her clutch. 


    –Sonya Eskridge


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