‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: 3.20.12

    Couple: Sherri  Shepherd & Val Chmerkovsky
    Dance: Fox Trot
    Score: 23

    Sherri Shepherd temporarily wrangled her bouncy, bubbly ways and let her inner elegance out! "I love to make people laugh, and I’m going to laugh my way all the way to that mirror ball," she said.

    She had to work really hard to get herself under control, though!  From the moment she stepped into studio, she was a ball of un-contained comedy, and let Val know up front that he may have to do a little digging to find what he needs for their Foxtrot. "Elegance, we’re still working on that," Val confessed during a break in practice.

    "I know that elegance is deep down inside of me," Sherri said. "Miracles do happen, so maybe I can [be] elegant in this Foxtrot."

    Well, Sherri definitely pulled off a miracle, because she was able to channel her inner lady! Although she had a few moments of confusion on the floor, we had to cut her some slack since it is the season premiere and jitters are natural.

    She exceeded expectations in that we weren’t really sure what to expect from Sherri. It’s known that she can boogie with proper instruction after watching her wedding special, but there was a question as to whether she could reach the bar for ballroom.

    We were pleasantly surprised to see that all the weeks of hard work had paid off and that she was able to use her bubbly personality to enhance the performance. She had to…there was no way to keep it completely under wraps.

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