‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: 3.20.12

    Couple: Jaleel White & Kym Johnson
    Dance: Foxtrot
    Score: 26

    Geeky teens can turn into a handsome, suave man! Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it’s certainly the case with Jaleel White.

    Most people assumed that he would be gawky, awkward and uncoordinated on the dance floor, but Jaleel has proven them wrong. And don’t expect to see any signs of Urkel in the ballroom. If he wants to win, Jaleel felt it would be best to leave his nerdy character in the past.

    It turned out, though, that Jaleel took pretty easy to dance. "Jaleel is a natural, that’s the only way to put it," said Kym.

    If you didn’t want to take her word for it, Jaleel hit the floor with an unexpected amount of grace and athleticism. He started off his routine with a barrell roll and stayed on his toes for the remainder of their Foxtrot.  He proved to be a great choice to close out the show.


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