‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: 3.20.12

    Couple: Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower
    Dance: Cha Cha
    Score: 23

    Roshon might be the youngest competitor, but he’s an old pro at dance. He’s been doing hip hop for years, and he’s currently starring in the dance-centric Disney show "Shake It Up."

    You’d think that would have given him an edge during practice, but no. He had to learn a whole new way to move when it comes to the ballroom.  His background may have helped him learn the steps a little quicker.

    That extra time may have given him time to tighten up his moves, which were razor-sharp. Roshon was right on top of the beat for the high-energy routine, and he never got out of step. He was so on it with his cha-cha that he did a little moonwalk at the end.

    There’s no question that the boy can move, but judge Len Goodman found a few things he might want to fix before next week’s show. Still, for his first attempt at ballroom dance, Roshon did pretty well.


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