Kesha Nichols defends herself

    Despite what her on-air nemesis implied, “Basketball Wives” co-star Kesha Nichols denies that she ever made a move on Kenya Bell’s man.

    “First of all, this show is about drama. If that was a storyline and there was something there, don’t you think that that would be on every episode,” she asked rhetorically. “Don’t they want to see us fight?”

    Following one recent episode of the reality series, Tami took to Twitter and accused Kesha of inappropriately reaching out to Kenya’s husband, Charlie, who’s reportedly seeking a divorce right now.

    “Ok, so they just cut the part out where Keisha exchanged numbers with @kenyabell husband & tried 2keep it on the low #shady,” tweeted Tami.

    While Kesha denies that ever happened, there does seem to be a history between her and Kenya—one that “BBW” fans haven’t been clued in on.

    “I was in Milwaukee with Kenya and her husband when my ex played there. We were all friends. He texted me, ‘Hey.’ I did not respond, and I told Kenya immediately, and that’s it. End of story,” Kesha said recently on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live.”

    While there’s no love lost between Tami and Kesha, the newcomer’s relationship with fellow dancer Royce Reed has apparently put a strain on the friendship between the two returning cast members; but Kesha isn’t getting involved in that drama.

    “As far as Royce and Tami, I have nothing to do with their friendship. I have gone to Royce as a friend telling her my concerns, but I’ve never given her my opinion of Tami. I’ve never said anything bad about her. Royce is her own person. They have their own relationship, and she chooses to speak to Tami about Tami’s behavior, not for me, not because of me. Whatever is going on with them is between the two of them,” she said.

    Tami has made it clear that she prefers people to speak directly to her and not ever talk about her behind her back, but Kesha broke that cardinal rule when she confided in Evelyn Lozada that Tami had offended her.

    However, Kesha said she handled that situation the way she would have in real life and Tami’s expectations aren’t exactly realistic.

    “I do and say as I normally do. This is a reality show. In my life, I’ve never had someone say, ‘This is how you treat me.’ She said in the last episode, ‘I don’t know Kesha from a can of paint.’ Well, I didn’t know her from a can of paint, so I won’t automatically walk up and have respect. You earn that. You build a relationship with someone, and before the foundation was even there, she just, like, ruined it and just like in real life, I stay away from people like that, I have no desire for that negativity in my life. I’m done.”

    Watch more of Kesha’s interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

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