Kim K. admits there were warning signs

    Kim Kardashian admits that there may have been warning signs that her marriage with Kris Humphries was doomed from the start.

    “I did what I believed in doing, and sometimes you don’t want to hear what your family has to say,” Kim told Jay Leno. “You look back and say, ‘OK. That was a sign or maybe I should have listened to them.’”

    Kim said her own stubbornness have prevented her from heeding the warnings from her loved ones.

    “I’m a person when I’m in love, you can’t tell me anything, and you gotta go through it yourself,” she said.

    Although many still question whether the highly publicized wedding and brief marriage were done solely for the benefit of the cameras, Kim said she thought she was in love with Kris and would have walked down the aisle even if there were no reality show.

    “I truly, honestly believe it would be the same thing. We are exactly who we are whether the cameras are on or off,” she said about her family. “It might not be pretty all the time, but it’s who I am.”

    Despite the 72-day marriage, subsequent media storm and lingering questions about whether it was all just a publicity stunt, Kim said she wouldn’t change a thing because the experience was beneficial.

    “It was really tough to go through. I didn’t know the media would be so brutal with it, but I learned so many lessons about it, and it’s changed who I am as a person, I think, for the better, and the things that I care about in life have completely changed because of this. So, I really think everything happens for a reason,” she said.

    Watch more of Kim’s interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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