Royce Reed talks self defense

    Royce Reed questions how  Jennifer Williams let herself get smacked in the head on "Basketball Wives."

    This week’s episode of the show was a lot like seeing a car accident on the side of the road. You know it’s going to be nasty, but you still look to see how bad it really is. Shaunie’s plan to bring former friends together to celebrate her birthday blew up in her face  as Evelyn Lozada and Jen got into a bad fight.

    Royce is blaming it on the alcohol, at least in part. "Who let Evelyn have all those shots of liquid courage??? Y’all know how things get when people get a few drinks in them," Royce asked in her blog.

    "This whole dinner was a mess. From the toast Kenya didn’t need to give to the second toast Evelyn gave slurring her words. I’m just shocked that they did all this in Phillipe Chow!" Royce  charged. "It wasn’t the time or the place to have all this drama but it was funny! When the yelling started it was definitely time to leave…BUT not without a memorable exit."

    Viewers saw, however, that Jen did not leave the party when things at the birthday dinner got intense. Nope! Instead Jen stayed rooted right where she was as Evelyn charged her. Beyond all the ill-advised speeches, Royce was most baffled by the fact that Jen made no move to defend herself and left herself wide open for an attack.

    "All I have to say is HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET HIT BY A CLUTCH PURSE?" Royce asked in shock. "Never turn or keep your back turned to an enemy…and you damn sure don’t stay sitting when they’re standing up coming towards you. We need to get Jenn is some basic self defense classes. I’m going to need her to at least learn how to bob and weave."

    Take a look at the aftermath of the fight in this sneak peek from all-new Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives" below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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