‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 3.23.12

    Tamar one-liner: "Rain has made my hair a national disaster area"

    "Braxton Family Values" season 2 ended on a high note as Trina hit the stage and Tamar contemplated starting a family.

    The Braxtons have been through all types of ups and downs this season, but one thing that has never changed is their commitment to family. Despite their differences and dustups, Toni, Tamar, Trina, Traci, Towanda and Miss E are always there for one another.

    So, when Tamar found out that it might be hard for her to carry a child, Towanda had no problem stepping up and offering to be a surrogate. 

    But before Tamat became great with child, her sisters had to fill her in on the somewhat schizophrenic state that pregnancy hormones may put her in. Remember the baby of the Braxton bunch is the only sister who hasn’t had one.

    Perhaps their impromptu information session was a little much for Tamar to take because she admitted that pregnancy wasn’t sounding "too attractive." On the upside it would teach her patience, but they don’t think she’s ready for one just yet.

    As Tamar contemplates how to start a family, the girls had to get ready for a sisterly session on "Dr. Phil". The therapist had some hard questions for the Braxton women.

    The time with Dr. Phil brought up an issue that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention this season.  What is that’s? Well, Toni thinks that Trina’s band makes everyone look like a bunch of wedding performers.

    It’s not that everyone in the band isn’t talented (Toni thinks they’ve got tons of it), she just thinks that everyone relies on each other to pick up the slack too much. In effect, that type of work mentality will bring the band down as a whole, and Toni wants better for Trina. The concern comes from a good place, but it’s not translated in the best way. 

    In fact, Trina feels like her sisters really don’t support her band because they do so many covers.

    Toni’s concerns about relying to heavily on your band got her thinking that it might be time for her to find some new backup singers. She feels like she depends on her sisters too much when it comes to her stage shows, and she in a phase of keeping her professional life separate from her family.

    That might be easier said than done as Tamar is just itching to help her find some people to do the "doo-wop-pop-pop."


    Trina proved that her band isn’t just a bunch of wedding singers when she performed her single "Party or Go Home" during a showcase in Atlanta.

    She had her usually critical sisters rocking right along with the rest of the crowd. And her sisters think that Trina’s got a hit on her hands.

    The entire family came out to support Trina, which she was excited to see most of them. The only person that Trina was sort of ambivalent to see was her husband Gabe. She wasn’t happy or sad or angry or excited to see him there. She just didn’t care.

    That moment was all she needed to push her to file for divorce. And with that announcement, she brought her marriage and season 2 of "Braxton Family Values" to a close.





    —Sonya Eskridge



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