Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston planned reunion?

    There’s word that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were planning to re-marry before her tragic death.

    A source close to the former couple, Derrick Handspike, told The National Enquirer that the pair was planning to jump the broom again. Supposedly, the decision came after a passionate week at her Atlanta home, but the Houston family was not feeling the news.

    “Bobby told me, ‘Whitney and me are getting married again,’" Derrick said. "They were planning a small wedding, prob­ably in Las Vegas with just the two of them and their daughter Krissi."

    Although the couple divorced in 2007, Derrick claims the two never really ended their relationship. Derrick claims, “Bobby told me, ‘The world may have thought we were histo­ry, but the reality is we were never really apart. We’ve never stopped loving each other.’ ”

    While some may blame Bobby for Whitney’s trouble with substance abuse, the singer supposedly felt that he could have kept her alive.

    “I could have saved her!" Derrick claims Bobby said. "If I had been with Whitney, she never would have died in that hotel bathtub. I would have never left her alone!”

    Derrick claims that Bobby and Whitney were still so in love with one another that any other man in her life really stood a chance. 

    “Their relationship had turned into more of a friendship,” Derrick said of Whitney’s rumored romance with Ray J. “Bobby knew Whitney was still in love with him. Even Ray J knew nothing could break Bobby and Whitney’s tight bond.”

    According to Derrick the death of Bobby’s father is the tragedy that bought Bobby and Whitney back together, despite his relationship with fiancee Alicia Etheridge. After the funeral, Bobby supposedly flew to Atlanta and stayed with Whitney and their daughter Bobbi Kristina.

    “Bobby and Whitney went to some of their favorite restaurants, reminisced about the good old days, and watched TV,” Derrick dished. “They slept together in Whitney’s bedroom, and talked about what kind of wedding they’d have. Bobby told me, ‘That week was the happiest I’ve been. Whit­ney and I got that old feeling back, and we were a family again.’”

    As happy as Bobby and Whitney were to be back together, a source claims that resistance from her family is what sent her over the edge. The insider said, "Whitney’s erratic behavior re­turned, and she went on a booze and pill bender in the days lead­ing up to her death."

    Alicia was by Bobby’s side when he arrived in L.A. Grammy weekend following Whitney’s death.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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