Daily Buzz 3.26.12

    June Ambrose styles Trina

    Trina wants to revamp her image, so she’s turning to June Ambrose for help. Trina knows that the landscape of hip-hop has changed and so must she in order to stay relevant.

    Now she’s hoping to  get the focus off of her curves and onto her lyrical skills. That would require her to be a little more of a sophisticated bad b!tch.

    "Everything is [the butt] and of course to my consumers and my fans that’s just Trina. My fear is just being able to have my fans to accept the change," Trina said. "It’s all at stake; it’s my career, me, my brand, my name and everything I’ve put into business for 10 years. It’s all on the table right now. It’s all or nothing."

    Find out where her Trina’s transformation begins below!


    Meagan Good gets ‘Notorious’

    Megan Good will be breaking out a pair of handcuffs for her next big gig. According to Deadline.com, the Think Like a Man actress has landed a dramatic pilot for NBC.

    Reportedly, she’ll be playing an undercover cop that returns to her home town on the series "Notorious." Meagan will be trying to find out who murdered her best friend on the show.

    It’s not clear when the pilot will make it to air.


    President Obama checks heckler

    President Barack Obama just wants a chance to have his say. During a recent rally at Ohio State University, the president had to do his own crowd control when a heckler started getting loud during a campaign speech.

    “Sir, I’m here to speak to these folks. You can hold your own rally. You’re being rude. We’re trying to talk to these people," the president told the heckler. "I’ll be happy to read your book. If you want to give me your book, I’d be happy to read it but don’t interrupt my conversation with these folks. Alright?"

    Get a look at how President Obama handled the situation below!


    Aretha Franklin turns 70

    Aretha Franklin celebrated another year with a huge bash in New York City. The "Respect" singer turned 70 in style over the weekend at the Helmsley Park Lane.

    The crowd included Debra Lee, Michael Eric Dyson, Diane Sawyer, the Rev. Al Sharpton and her long-time beau Willie Wilkerson. The guests sang her happy birthday before everyone chowed down on some lime green cake.

    Aretha had more reason to celebrate as she revealed some good news about her and Clive Davis, who also came out for her party.

    “I have re-signed with Clive Davis, so I’m recording with Clive again," Aretha announced during the party, The Associated Press reports.“We’re going to sit together and decide what it is we’re going to record.”


    Usher to play Sugar Ray Leonard

    Usher is  about to step into the ring to play boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. The singer, who hasn’t done a movie since 2010, told the BBC about his upcoming role in Head of Stone.

    "I’m actually in preparation for a very incredible role," Usher said. "I’m in preparation later this year to play the role of Sugar Ray Leonard in a boxing film and it’s going to be incredible."

    Reportedly, he’ll be starring alongside Robert DeNiro in the biopic.

    Gladys Knight books White House gig

    Gladys Knight is going be getting very cozy in the White House thanks to her new TV gig. TMZ.com reports that the singer, who is also competing on season 14 of "Dancing With the Stars," has signed on for a sitcom.

    Sources told TMZ that she’ll be playing the president’s mom on a show titled "First Family." The series will follow a fictional president as he tries to balance running a country and a family.

    Supposedly, production for "First Family" is being rushed to capitalize on Gladys’ run on "DWTS." It could have a good shot of landing on a major network as several have expressed interest in the show.


    Sheryl Underwood cries about Trayvon Martin

    Sheryl Underwood got very emotional about Trayvon Martin on a recent episode of "The Talk." While the co-hosts discussed what happened to the Florida teen and their feelings on the incident, Sheryl was too overcome with tears to speak.

    When she was able to momentarily compose herself, she pegged the situation and how it has been handled by law enforcement as out and out racism.

    "Often more than not, it happens to our children," Sheryl charged. Then she referenced the  911 tapes that have been made public in this case. "What you hear on this tape is a baby fighting for his life up against a grown man with a weapon."

    Sheryl went on to commend the FBI and the Justice Department for opening an investigation into Trayvon’s shooting death.

    "The system is going to work because there were protests and that’s alright as Americans," said Sheryl. "This is an American story. Don’t just think this is a Black story because this happens to Americans every day."

    She began to get choked up again as she said, "When did candy and iced tea ever become a weapon? This child should have been able to walk wherever he was going to go and not have to worry about being shot." 


    —Sonya Eskridge


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