Tami Roman sued by hair company

    It seems that Tami Roman’s endorsement deal with a hair extension company has hit a few snags.

    Créme de la Créme Hair is ready to haul Tami into court for failing to keep up her with her end of their agreement, according to TMZ. Reportedly, Tami promised  to feature the company’s products on "Basketball Wives" and make an appearance "where she will discuss her hair line with the [Crème’s] owners."

    According to the company, not only did Tami duck out of every scheduled on-camera meeting with Créme, she only featured her Curls by Roman product on "BBW."

    What really tore it for Créme was an event last month at which Tami was supposed to film a promotional appearance for the company at an Atlanta hair show. While Tami did show up for the event with "BBW" cameras, she again promoted her own line of hair. Créme also claims that her manager forbid VH1 cameras from shooting any of Créme’s products.

    Créme de la Créme is now suing Tami for damages of at least $75,000 and it wants the footage of the hair show to be pulled from "Basketball Wives" unless its products appear onscreen.

    Tami didn’t deny Créme’s accusations, but she did hint that perhaps the hair company needed to improve its operations. "My responsibility is to my fans and supporters," she said in a statement. "I can no longer be affiliated with a company that does not uphold my standards with regards to quality business practices."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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