‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 3.27.12

    Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives" began and ended with an argument. 

    Evelyn Lozada and her friend were plotting on how to jump Jennifer Wiliams after a few unpleasentries were exchanged.

    After Evelyn whacked Jen on the head with her clutch, Shaunie O’Neal thought it would be best to keep the former friends apart. Evelyn had other ideas, though, as she said she was just going to pretend like she left instead of actually heading home.

    We don’t kow what Evelyn was hoping to accomplish with that tactic, but all she got were a few words of wisdom from none other than Kenya Bell.

    Some people might not think that Kenya is too stable, but she had some pretty good advice for Evelyn on her situation with Jen. It’s too bad the "BBW" vet was not open to hearing any of it.

    It’s a shame, too, Kenya had some pretty good advice.

    Things were a litte more peaceful at Kesha Nichols’ place when Royce Reed and Suzie Ketcham stopped by for dinner. Suzie recounted the birthday party brawl for Kesha and Royce.

    Royce seemed just as confused as we did about how Jen just let someone who meant her harm roll up on her. And she really didn’t understand how Jen was going to turn her back to a would-be attacker.

    The antics at Phillipe Chow are just one of the many reasons that Royce has no interest in being in the circle. Instead, she prefers to be part of the audience watching all the madness with her castmates unfold.


    It wasn’t all dinner gossip and purse smacks on Monday! Kesha, Suzie and Jen met up at a tennis court to play a few rounds and practice their swings. Well that was the intention anyway.

    After missing a few balls, the topic of conversation eventually came back to the battle between Evelyn and Jen…just like it usually does.

    There was really no need for the issue to come up during the time on the court. Do these women really have nothing else to talk about besides all the catty fights they get into? How about teaching Jen to improve her hand-eye coordination?!

    Ah well, perhaps the hen session was preparation for Kesha’s meetup with Evelyn, who isn’t quite like the rest of the people in the dancer’s circle. Jen thinks she’ll get along better with Kesha anyway.


    Apparently, being on the radio will get you in trouble with the cast of "BBW"… even if you don’t say anything! Tami Roman had a bone to pick with Kenya after an interview on WJLB in Detroit in which the hosts clowned the cast of "Basketball Wives."

    Kenya didn’t say anything bad about her castmates, but she didn’t stick up for them either. That was a huge problem for Tami—especially because Kenya had a pretty good chuckle at the cracks on her co-stars.

    Evelyn, on the other hand, questioned Kenya’s consistency…excuse us…realness. She wanted to know where things stood between Kenya and Kesha who have been at odds lately.

    During their dinner last week, Kenya was too amused by the way Tami went in on Kenya. After Tami and Evelyn left, it was a different story and the cast newbies seemed to be cool with each other again.

    Evelyn wasn’t feeling the confusion and asked where Kenya and Kesha stood. Kenya had two different answers for that one: One she had for Evelyn and Tami and another for Kesha and Suzie.


    When her back was against the wall, though, Kenya turned right over on Kesha.  

    That’s when Kesha hung Kenya out to dry! Kesha told Evelyn and Tami every nasty thing that Kenya ever said about them.

    Kenya conveniently couldn’t remember her exact words, but when confronted she definitely tried to throw a few other names into the trash talk. At least she didn’t deny calling Evelyn a ho.






    —Sonya Eskridge

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