Bodies of missing Detroit women found

    Authorities in Detroit believe they have found the remains of two missing Black women.

    Nearly a month after Ashley Conaway, 22,  and 18-year-old Abreeya Brown were kidnapped, police think they’ve found the women’s bodies on the west side of Detroit.

    “We have unearthed in a shallow grave, the remains of two females, on the surface fit the description of the two young ladies we were looking for,” Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee told reporters

    ABC News reports that the ladies were abducted at gunpoint by two men on February 28. A shootout between the kidnappers and Abreeya’s stepfather ensued before the car the women had been forced into sped away.

    Ashley’s ex-boyfriend Brandon Cain, 26, and another man, 24-year-old Brian Lee, have been arrested for attempted murder in connection with a shooting. Neither men has been charged in the women’s disappearance.

    Brandon is the prime suspect behind the kidnapping, according to reports. After the abduction Ashley’s family told police that she had tried to break up with him in early February, but he didn’t take it well. He fired shots at her on February 8.

    Despite the revelations, murder charges will still take some time as authorities investigate the area where Ashley and Abreeya were found.

    An autopsy on the victims’ bodies should be conducted this week.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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