Daily Buzz 3.27.12

    Trina goes pop in ‘Outer Space’

    Trina is exploring a new sound with her latest track, "Outer Space." Not only is The Baddest B!tch ready to revamp her look, but it sounds like she’s ready to dabble in some pop as well.

    You heard a snippet of the song on Monday’s episode of VH1’s "Styled By June," but now you can hear the whole thing here.


    Georgia restaurant jokes about Chris Brown and Rihanna

    One Georgia restaurant has left a bad taste in the public’s mouth after introducing its new sandwich, the Caribbean Black and Bleu.

    Chops & Hops joked that the steak sandwich was inspired by Rihanna and Chris Brown’s infamous pre-Grammy fight in 2009.

    "@chrisbrown, @rihanna and us teamed up for a award winning celebrity sandwich. Put your hands on this caribbean black and bleu sandwich," the restaurant tweeted on Friday. "Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A."

    After a round of swift criticism from potential customers, Chops & Hops commented that their promotion was not meant to offend anyone.

    "The owners of C&H would like to make sure everyone knows that we and our staff DO NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE," the restaurant stated. "Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke."

    Justice for Sean Bell?

    Officers involved in the 2006 shooting death of Sean Bell have been stripped of their badges. Sean, who had just left his bachelor party, was gunned down outside of a strip club in a hail of 50 police bullets on what should have been his wedding day.

    The New York Daily News reports that Detective Gescard Isnora will be fired without pension after it was determined that he violated his department’s guidelines by firing his weapon while undercover.

    Detective Michael Oliver, Detective Marc Cooper and Lt. Gary Napoli have all hammered out deals that will still give them part of their pensions if they resign.

    Sean’s father, William Bell, doesn’t believe justice has ben served for his son’s untimely death.

    "It really don’t matter," said William. “They still have lives. Pension or no pension, they’re still walking around, they’ll get another job. My son doesn’t have a chance to start over again.”


    IRS garnishes Nas’ earnings

    Nas knows that when the IRS wants their money, they’re going to get it. 

    TMZ.com reports that the IRS has garnished the rapper’s music publishing wages to pay off his $6 million tax debt. Earnings from ASCAP and BMI will be collected until the tax tab is paid in full.


    Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan to cover ‘Urban Ink

    Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan are putting some PR behind their recent reunion!

    The on-again, off-again couple from "Basketball Wives: L.A." will be featured on an upcoming cover of Urban Ink magazine. Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the photo shoot below.

    —Sonya Eskridge




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