June Ambrose: ‘I’m very over-the-top’

    Stylist to the stars, June Ambrose has made a successful career helping celebrities express themselves through fashion.

    “Every week, I’m responsible for giving the contestants an image that was compelling to their music," she told Wendy Williams in reference to her gig styling the stars of “X-Factor,” including Simon Cowell, who has a reputation of being a bit harsh.

    “Simon and I worked well together. Simon’s very intuitive, but I’m very over the top. That was definitely one of the most challenging jobs of my career,” she said.

    June is no stranger to working with big names with big personalities. She is credited with rebranding hip-hop to a more upscale look while crafting boardroom style for Sean Combs and Jay-Z.  She has also relaunched and rebranded big name celebrities such as Mary J. Blige, Will Smith and Mariah Carey.

    When stars want a new look, they call on June. Fans get to see exactly how it all goes down on her new series, “Styled by June,” which offers viewers a look at how she works her fashion magic on some of the biggest names in the biz. 

    This season on the series, June helps Jaleel White shed his “corny” exterior for “Dancing With the Stars.” She also lent a hand to Aubrey O’Day for her stint on “The Apprentice,” and June helped upgrade’s rapper Trina’s bootylicious image.

    Take a look below as June works with singer Jason Derulo.



    Do you like fashion? See your favorite celebs in flowerly fashions here!

    —Kia Jefferson


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