Kenya Bell throws shade on castmates

    Kenya Bell hasn’t made her way into the infamous “Basketball Wives” circle just yet, but according to her, that’s because her co-stars have problems.

    “Evelyn [Lozada] obviously has a lot of problems right now. To me, she’s very up and down. One second she’s crying. The next, she’s screaming and then she’s jumping across tables,” Kenya told Juicy magazine. “Obviously there’s something in her life she’s not happy about."

    Fans of the series have seen episode previews that show Evelyn tossing a bottle at Kenya, who said that’s a clear sign that something is not right with the fiery Latina.

    “For me, to throw a bottle at someone for calling you loose is ridiculous. If that’s the case, you’re gonna fight half the world because I couldn’t have been the only person to say that,” Kenya said.

    Unfortunately for Kenya, Evelyn is not the only person she’s bumped heads with on the show. She’s also argued with Tami Roman and fellow series newcomer Kesha Nichols. Although she and Suzie Ketcham have yet to beef on-screen, it seems Kenya can’t count her has a friend either.

    “I’m soooo sick of Suzie at this point. She needs to watch out for my ass at the reunion show,” Kenya warned.

    As for Shaunie O’Neal, Kenya kept her comments somewhat objective.

    “I don’t know Shaunie personally, but we have a mutual friend who convinced me to be on the show. She told me Shaunie was cool and I believed her. End of story,” she said.

    The only person who has seemed to connect with Kenya so far is Jennifer Williams, who has recently been ousted from the show’s inner circle. However, she’s not fully pledging allegiance to Jenn either.

    “At this point in the show, I take no one’s side. I obviously like Jenn more than Evelyn, but I’m still getting to know both of them, and I think it’s real messed up that they’re not friends anymore,” she said.

    While her TV life is coming across a bit messy, it seems her personal life may be in a similar state. The reality star is in the middle of a divorce from her NBA husband, Charlie Bell.

    “[Charlie] has an ongoing problem. It was in the news as of late, and he decided to stop getting treatment for it. He had been getting treatment for years and out of the blue, just stopped,” she said. “Without treatment, he was exposing my children to things I didn’t want them around. I was afraid for them. So, that’s basically why we separated."


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    —Tracy L. Scott


    Kenya doesn’t seem to be trying to make friends. Do you think she’ll be back if there’s another season of "BBW"? Are you Team Kenya? Why do you think Kenya threatened Suzie? Leave your comments.


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