Mary Mary talks splitting up and reality TV

    Although they’re one of the most popular gospel duos, sisters Tina and Erica Campbell admit that they’ve contemplated ending their professional relationship.

    “I quit the group probably a week ago,” said Tina. “It gets overwhelming. We have to agree on everything. We have to manage personal and professional, and it just gets hard, but we know that what we have together is greater together than it is apart."

    Fans will get to see exactly how the sisters balance marriage, motherhood and fame when “Mary Mary” premieres on WE tv this Thursday.

    “It’s about us being regular. Not how spiritual we are. We’re women first. We’re just normal human beings first,” said Erica, describing the show to Wendy Williams Tuesday.

    Although the two former “Sunday Best” judges form a gospel group, they have received criticism for being too secular.

    “We don’t make everybody happy,” said new mom, Tina. “It’s important for us to look good. We like to look good for ourselves, for our husbands, for our fans.  So, it is important to us to not be in conflict in terms of the way we appear, but you can’t make everybody happy.”

    The sisters’ messages and songs often speak more about encouragement and uplift and don’t just put scriptures to music, but one might need to know a little about the Bible to understand the name, Mary Mary.

    According to the singers, the group is named after two famous Biblical women named Mary. One Mary was Jesus’ virginal mother and the other, Mary Magdalene, had a more sordid sexual history.

    “They were both changed by the power of the love of Jesus. So, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, love can change your life,” the sisters explained.

    In addition to starring in a new reality TV series, the ladies have more to celebrate. Erica just had a baby last year and now sister Tina is pregnant.

    “I was not even trying to be pregnant. My last baby was my last baby in my head and in my husband’s head,” said Tina who credits a passionate homecoming for the new addition. “I celebrated being home, and now I’m pregnant.”


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    —Tracy L. Scott



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