Rihanna, Chris Brown to perform live?

    Since their breakup years ago, music lovers have been anxious to see what a Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion would look like, and now the two might show everyone.

    Both singers are slated to headline Supafest next month in Australia, and with the release of their popular tracks “Turn It Up” and “Birthday Cake,” it’s not a far stretch to imagine they might grace the stage together to perform.

    The festival is only a few weeks away, but it hasn’t yet been determined whether the two will actually reunite for fans.

    “It won’t be decided until the last minute,” a U.S. source told NewsAU. However, it was described as “a definite possibility.”

    While many Rihanna fans still harbor some ill will toward Chris for his violence against her in 2009, the two have seemed to have put that incident behind them and forged a new personal and professional friendship.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Do you think it’s time for a Chris and Rihanna reunion? Do you just want to see them together onstage, or do you want them back together as a couple? Leave your comments.


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