Evelyn Lozada criticizes Kim K. attacker

    Evelyn Lozada might try to decapitate her “Basketball Wives” co-stars with bottles of wine, but she doesn’t approve of tossing flour on anyone.

    The fiery and outspoken reality star recently commented on an incident involving Kim Kardashian in which an upset animal lover doused the socialite with the household kitchen staple.

    “What happened to Kim Kardashian on the red carpet was atrocious,” Evelyn told RadarOnline.com. “The woman shouldn’t get away with trying to ruin Kim’s charity and perfume event."

    Last week, a woman decided to bring attention to the plight of little critters used to make fur, by throwing the powdery white substance on Kim, who took it all in stride and laughed about it.

    “I am really proud of the way Kim handled the situation,” said Evelyn, who has received more than a little bit of criticism for how she’s handled confrontations on “BBW.”

    Evelyn’s new nemesis, Jennifer Williams, is one of her biggest critics when it comes to how Evelyn responds to situations.

    “Expressing your feeling through violence is WACK!!!,” Jenn wrote on her blog, following an episode that featured a near-altercation between the two former BFFs.

    Co-star Kenya Bell had a similar perspective on Evelyn and her responses to those that anger her.

    “Evelyn [Lozada] obviously has a lot of problems right now. To me, she’s very up and down. One second she’s crying. The next, she’s screaming and then she’s jumping across tables,” Kenya told Juicy magazine.

    Kim didn’t respond to her critic with violence, but that doesn’t mean she’s just letting it go.

    Although her initial reaction was to laugh about the situation, it’s been reported that she may be taking legal action against the woman, who was arrested following the incident.

    See Evelyn with Chad Ochocinco, Jennifer Williams, Toya Wright and more!

    —Tracy L. Scott


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