Kesha Nichols denies special treatment

    Is Kesha Nichols getting special treatment on "Basketball Wives" because she’s tight with producers?  Tami Roman thinks so!

    During a recent chat with DJ TT Torrez, Tami Roman told the radio personality that she’s not pleased with the editing of the show this season, particularly when it comes to her interaction with Kesha.

    Overall, Tami feels as though viewers aren’t getting all pertinent information when they tune in because some important footage is being left out. For example, the hoopla about her  questioning Kesha’s ethnicity wasn’t  what it looked like.

    "Absolutely not," Tami said when asked if she took issue with Kesha being biracial. "I am a product of mixed heritage myself, and this is another one of those instances where I feel people didn’t get the whole story."

    As Tami tells it, everyone on the show (including people behind the scenes) said that there was going to be "another White girl added to the cast." But when she met Kesha, she didn’t see a White woman.

    "I don’t get right off that she’s a full-fledged White girl," Tami explained. As viewers know, the fallout from their first meeting has been a point of contention on the show. Kesha was offended by the question, but Tami felt like the whole thing was blown way out of proportion. "She decided to run with that and play with the fact [that] I was saying she was’t Black enough and all of this other stuff that I am completely blown away about because that is not how I approached that young lady," said Tami.

    It’s just one example of how Tami feels that the cast newbie has been getting special treatment in the editing room.

    "This season Kesha was brought onto the show by one of the head executive producers. So anything having to do with her, I feel like they are conveniently editing it out so that I look crazy," said Tami. "People that have been supportive of me and know how I get down are now saying, ‘Well, maybe Tami’s a bully.’"

    And Tami wanted to set the record straight about who she will and won’t get into a fight with.

    "I’m not going to come up against someone that I know is not an equal opponent to me. And I would never bully somebody that I had a simple conversation with and tried to start things off correctly with that person." 

    When TT talked to Kesha later on, Kesha said that Tami had the story completely twisted around.  And she denied that she had any special in with the producers.

    "I don’t know why Tami feels the need to tell people that I’ve got an executive producer in my back pocket or I’m sleeping with an executive producer," said Kesha.  However, she may have outed herself with that statement because Tami never accused her of getting in bed with the boss.

    In fact, Kesha feels that Tami’s got a better shot at special treatment on the show since she’s in the circle. "There’s two executive producers, one of them is Shaunie," Kesha pointed out. "Tami and Shaunie [O’Neal] are tight, so if anyone has an executive producer in their back pocket it’s her."

    Kesha added, "When I came on this show, I did not know one person from the cast or from the crew."

    If anything, Kesha had a bone to pick with producers for cutting half of her family visit from the show. "I do have Black family! I have my sister and her husband and their kids. The editing might be trying to make me look really White," Kesha explained.

    "If you’re going to come to my hometown and you’re going to show where I’m from," she continued, "why wouldn’t you show the scene where my Black sister and me sat there and [had] a conversation about our dad and how bad it was and how happy we are to be in each other’s lives now. The world didn’t get to see that part of me."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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