‘Think Like a Man’ cast talks Trayvon Martin

    The Think Like a Man cast members took time to speak out about their feelings over Trayvon Martin’s death. 

    While promoting the movie, premiering April 20, Regina Hall told BlackTree TV that the Florida teen’s passing has had a deep and profound effect on Black people as a whole.

    "We all come from Black men," Regina said, pointing out that the tragedy has also touched people of all races. "Anytime something happens, you feel for all the men in your community…and the other communities it affects as well."

    "It’s a tragic day for all of us," Regina said. "We hope this makes us take a deeper look so this doesn’t happen again."

    Meagan Good agreed with Regina’s sentiments and called on the Black community to take "a bigger stand at being vocal about it and bringing it to center stage. "

    "I feel like the more attention that we give it, and the more we’re vocal about it, the more it absolutely cannot be ignored," Meagan reasoned.

    But because they were there to talk about Think Like a Man, the ladies of the cast dished about what they may have learned about men while working on the film and reading the book.

    "A lot of us were laughing because we’re older—we’ve been through relationships, some of us have been through divorce—it seemed like common sense stuff," Gabrielle Union recalled. "But then there were some people that were, like, really quiet."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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