‘Trayvon deserved to die’ Facebook page launches



    While many around the nation have gathered—in person and via social media sites—in support of Trayvon Martin, one Facebook page titled “Trayvon Martin deserved to die” is causing outrage for its criticism of the teen.

    “Being followed doesn’t give you the right to brutally assault someone. Stupid Trayvon got aggressive, committed assault, severely injured someone and made [George] Zimmerman defend himself,” reads a “sticky” post on the wall of the page.

    The images on the page show a teen who resembles Trayvon, standing in a bathroom showing off a wad of cash and holding up his middle fingers.

    “I would have shot this creep BEFORE he inflicted injuries upon me,” wrote the anonymous administrator of the page, which was created less than 24 hours ago.

    It has collected 13 “Likes,” but many more comments from those who disagree.

    “Some straight bull $#!t a$$ page,” wrote one Facebook user. Others argued that the images used weren’t even Trayvon’s.

    “First off that’s not the real Trayvon Martin in that picture,” another wrote.

    There’s been no word yet on whether Facebook has plans to delete the page.


    See photos of hooded celebrities supporting justice for Trayvon.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you think Facebook should delete the offensive Trayvon Facebook page, or is it freedom of speech protected by the U.S. Constitution?


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