George Zimmerman not injured in police video

    Video of George Zimmerman being escorted by police after shooting Trayvon Martin has surfaced.

    It looks like George didn’t have a scratch on him after his altercation with the Florida teen in video obtained by ABC News. The neighborhood watch member was seen getting out of a police vehicle and being taken into questioning without any blood or bruises on his face.

    Images seen in the video contradict George’s allegations that he’d been attacked by Trayvon. George claimed self defense in the deadly shooting, telling authorities that the teen bashed his head into concrete, broke his nose and savagely beat him.

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    Meanwhile, director Spike Lee has expressed his regrets for doing the wrong thing by retweeting what he believed was George’s address.

    As it turns out the address that Spike sent out actually belong to David and Elaine McClain, a couple in their early 70s. Spike’s tweet resulted in droves of people converging on the McClain’s home.

    When Spike learned of his error, he immediately asked for the couple’s forgiveness. 

    "I deeply apologize to the McClain family for retweeting their address," he wrote, before calling on his followers to think twice about their actions in the wake of Trayvon’s shooting death. "It was a mistake. Please leave the McClain’s in peace. Justice in court.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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