Shaq denies breakup rumors

    Shaq blamed the gossip blogs for spreading false rumors about his alleged breakup with girlfriend Hoopz.

    “We fine. We good. Period,” Shaquille said after suggesting that music journalist, Sway, check with him first before repeating what’s reported on the gossip blogs.

    “When I want y’all to know something, I got the number up here. I’ll call. If I try to respond to what everybody say, I would have to rent this building out and rent out every floor," said Shaq before explaining how the media often blow things out of proportion and why.

    “They make a business out of getting clicks and getting advertising money… more power to ‘em,” he said. “You can’t like, take pictures and then say this is a story.”

    While a lot of what’s on gossip blogs focuses on stories celebrities don’t want their fans to know, Shaq said that when he has news he wants disseminated, his fans can trust that he’ll let them know directly.

    “I’ve got 5 million Twitter followers and 7 million Facebook followers. Those that write stories so people can click on them, so they can get advertising money, don’t ever believe what they say.”

    Watch more of the interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    What do you think about Shaq’s comments? Do you tend to believe what you read, or do you think most of the stories are misinformation and fabrication? Leave your comments.


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