‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: season 2 reunion

    There was much to discuss on the "Braxton Family Values" season 2 reunion!

    Toni, Tamar (she was voted fan favorite the second year in a row), Trina, Traci, Towanda and Evelyn sat down for a chat with Wendy Williams to discuss what went down this season.

    Fans noticed that Toni had a lot less camera time this time, which was a conscious decision on her part. She hinted again that she may be making an exit from the show next season because she likes a certain amount of privacy.

    "Whenever you do a reality show, it is extremely invasive. They will follow you into the bathroom if you left them," Toni said, "I don’t need to come back a third season. I will always be a Braxton, but I don’t need to come back."

    While fans are left to wonder if Toni will make a return, Wendy zeroed in on Towanda to get down to the bottom of what’s going on between her and estranged hubby Andre.

    No one’s sure where Towanda and hubby Andre Carter stand, but she says she’s almost come to a decision.

    Miss E’s love life has also been a hot topic this season. Whether she was setting some stringent age limits on who she’ll date, or calling off a wedding, Evelyn knows what does and does not work for her.

    Season 2 wound up breaking things off with Doc, but they do still go out "from time to time."  Evelyn wouldn’t exactly call what they’re doing dating, though, because she’s still looking for a man that will be the right fit for her. "I have applications out there. I’m still available," said Evelyn.

    And when the girls asked what she is doing with Doc, Mama Braxton through some major shade. In this family of divas, Miss E definitely the queen bee.


    And of course the major drama this season has been the breakdown on Trina’s marriage to Gabe Solis. They’ve both been unfaithful to each other. He’s had numerous online affairs, and she admitted to having an "oral transaction" with man in her band.

    Of course that confession came after Trina found out that Gabe had been keeping track of her every move by installing GPS on her phone.

    With so much distrust, Trina has decided to walk and revealed last night that she filed for divorce.

    Family therapist Dr. Sherry L. Blake doesn’t think the marriage is anywhere near over yet. "Filing and going through with it are two different things," Dr. Sherry reminded.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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