Kenya Bell feels picked on

    Kenya Bell feels like she’s been the target of unflattering edits on "Basketball Wives."

    Kenya’s personality has been a little tough to nail down this season, and she places at least part of the blame on producers for that.

    "They’re making me look like some kind of nut!" she joked with S2S. "But I mean it’s all good. I was a trending topic worldwide three weeks in a row."

    She’s very aware that people may not have the best impression of her as cameras have shown her telling people different things about the same subject. Last week for example, she told Evelyn Lozada that she and Kesha Nichols were no longer cool. She told Kesha, however, that whatever beef they had was squashed.

    It’s made Kenya’s character the object of speculation as some wonder if she’ll just say anything to get along. When she was called out on last week’s episode of "Basketball Wives," she blew up.

    Kenya believes she’s well prepared for the negative opinions from the public. She said, "I’m taking a whole lot of criticism from a lot of people, but I have a pageant background, so I’m used to being judged on that scale."
    Besides, Kenya kind of expected to get a hard time from the others when she came on the show.

    "Let me just say it this way: I’m the new girl, and I know every season goes through it," Kenya explained. "Tami [Roman] went through it. They talked about her hair, her clothes everything. Meeka [Claxton] obviously went through it so much so that she left [the] show or got kicked off."

    In that respect, Kenya feels like she’s just going through the initiation process. "I don’t feel like I should be immune to it," said Kenya, who did acknowledge that she is having a bit harder of a time than expected. "I didn’t know it was going to be this bad, but I did know it wasn’t going to be easy being the new girl."

    On tonight’s episode, things get so tough that Evelyn even comes after her with a wine bottle!  "Nobody has ever thrown a wine bottle at me," Kenya admitted with a laugh.

    Kenya thinks that despite her shaky beginnings, she will eventually be welcomed into the circle if she just stays true to who she is.

    "I’m right now the underdog, the black sheep of the group. Everyone wants to come down on poor little Kenya," she told S2S. "But I’m standing my ground and I’m not giving up. It’s interesting to see the dynamics."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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