‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 4.3.12

    Shaunie O’Neal becomes mother of the year

    Lots of little girls love boy bands, and Shaunie O’Neal’s daughter Mimi is no different. Mimi has become a huge fan of Mindless Behavior. She’s such a devotee that Shaunie can name each member and knows which one is Mimi’s favorite (Princeton).

    "Mindless Behavior are the cutest," Shaunie admitted. "If I was 10, oh God, I would have a crush, too."

    So for Mimi’s 10th birthday, Shaunie had a special surprise for her baby! Mimi and her friends may have been partying in the kitchen, but Shaunie cooked up an appearance by the boys of MB.

    But that wasn’t the end of her big day.


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