‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 4.3.12

    Say it my face

    Forget throwing drinks. These b!tches are throwin’ bottles and flatware now! Evelyn’s "conversation" with Kenya, looked a lot more like target practice.

    So did Kenya really call Evelyn loose? Who knows?! Evelyn has it on good authority that Kenya did, but Kenya can’t remember what she said. That only seemed to make the "Basketball Wives" vet even madder.

    Evelyn’s got a lot of mouth. This, we know. However, Kenya should have known that things were really about to pop off when Evelyn started taking out her earrings!

    After a quick sip of her drink she came around the table for Kenya, who was smart enough to move out of the way while Tami ran interference. Since Evelyn couldn’t get her hands Kenya, she tried to launch a bottle of wine and plate at the newbie.



    —Sonya Eskridge


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