Jaleel White explains ‘DWTS’ blowup

    Jaleel White admits to having a rough week of rehearsals after rumors spread of his argument with partner Kym Johnson.

    While preparing for an episode that required the dancers to perform numbers inspired by their personal stories, Jaleel reportedly got into a heated argument with partner Kym Johnson.

    “It got emotional. It was a tough week personally for me, and I never touch these characters. I leave these characters in a vault on purpose,” Jaleel told “Access Hollywood.”

    While Jaleel and Kym asserted that their relationship is fine and they have a strong connection, Us Weekly reported that he “got in her face” Friday and was subsequently banned from the studio for the remainder of the day.

    Apparently, Jaleel’s altercation with Kym was such a spectacle that dancer Mark Ballas intervened. However, he was unable to calm Jaleel.

    “The producers stepped in and broke it up before it got physical, but they were really going at it—right up in each other’s faces!” a source told Us.

    Jaleel didn’t deny that he and Kym had a rough week and admitted that the subject matter had an unexpected effect on him.

    "All of these emotions come out of you and you don’t even know where they came from," he said before suggesting that the media made too big a deal out of nothing.

    "I think this is a competition and people have to understand that the tabloids sadly like to have fun with this show, but these are our real lives. Kim and I are fine," he said.

    Jaleel has denied his ex’s abuse allegations, but if recent rumors are true, the former “Family Matters” star may have a bit of an anger management issue to address.

    Watch Jaleel and Kym discuss their stressful week below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Given the recent report of Jaleel’s argument with his "DWTS" partner, do you think there’s a chance his ex’s abuse claims are true? Leave your comments below.


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