Evelyn, Chad talk new reality show

    Season 4 of “Basketball Wives” is done taping, but Evelyn Lozada still has reality TV cameras in her face and has started shooting her spin-off series, “Ev and Ocho.”

    The show will follow Evelyn as she and Chad Ochocinco prepare to walk down the aisle toward holy matrimony. Of course, they’re not the first twosome to welcome cameras into their home while planning a wedding, but Evelyn said fans will definitely see something out of the ordinary with their show.

    For one thing, she and Chad try to be as open and honest with one another as possible, and viewers will see how they really communicate: the good, the bad and the ugly.

    During season 4 of “Basketball Wives,” fans witnessed one of those “real” conversations between Chad and Evelyn in which it seemed like she was open to the idea of open relationships; however, Evelyn said that’s not the case.

    “We don’t have an open relationship,” she said. “What I was saying in that conversation is that until you live my lifestyle in my circle you don’t really understand what goes on. I’m going to honor my marriage ‘til death, but who’s to say what’s going to happen 20 years from now. I don’t know that. There are so many things thrown at the both of us. How do I know? I’m human. How do I know one day I’m not going to f_ck up? I’m not perfect, and we live this lifestyle and things get thrown at you all the time, and I’m not going into the marriage thinking we’re just going to be perfect. That was the whole point of that.”

    Fans planning to watch “Ev and Ocho,” can expect more of those dynamic discussions on the new series.

    “We always have controversial conversations like that, and real, and I think that people were taken aback, but that’s how me and my dude talk. That’s how we have conversations. It’s real. We have these types of discussions and they’re very controversial,” she said.

    Although no relationship is perfect, Evelyn and Chad feel their honesty with one another is one reason they’ve been able to maintain despite the publicity, rumors and creative TV editing.

    Apparently, they’re so in tune with one another that Evelyn understands Chad’s desire to walk down the aisle while she waits for him at the altar.

    “I’ve honestly been giving it some thought,” she admitted. “I don’t want my wedding to be your typical wedding. At the same time, that’s really not something I’m willing to give up. I think he’s a big personality, and I feel like Chad wants—we all want —our moment. So, I’m having my wedding planner figure out something for him, so he can have his entrance and his moment.”

    Chad, who said there will be lions, tigers and penguins at the ceremony, reasoned, “I do everything odd. I think it’d be refreshing to do something different to have her wait at the altar for me ‘cause everyone else’s marriage failed doing it the traditional way.” 


    See photos of Evelyn with Chad, Jennifer Williams, Shaunie O’Neal, Toya Wright and more!

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Some question whether Ev and Chad’s relationship is real. What do you think? Will you watch the series to find out? Leave your comments below.

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